Physiotherapy is a treatment provided by a healthcare worker to help develop, maintain, and help restore a patient’s functional ability and restore their maximal movement.


To improve a patient’s quality of life regardless of age, condition, and sex. Nicole Pillay physiotherapy practice is owned and run by Nicole Pillay. Our mission is to provide each patient with innovative, optimal care and the highest level of respect, in which we can treat them with a holistic, patient-centered approach. our core attributes are to be responsive, ethical, communicative, caring, competent, and collaborative.

We believe in treating our clients with the latest, evidence-based treatment techniques and integrate a holistic approach to achieve their goals and improve their functional independence and quality of life.

We are patient centric and will apply interactive based treatments between the physiotherapist and the patients, building a strong relationship for achieving the best results. We strongly believe that our treatment should enable our patients to TAKE BACK THEIR POWER, resulting in patients who are educated about their condition, confident in their movement, passionate and excited about life.


To be regarded as the most reliable and effective physiotherapy practice in our community that is patient Centric, and patient empowered. We are driven by our passion for improving our patient’s quality of life, educating our patients, and empowering them, as well as our excellent results and staff that are Knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient.

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